Encryption Unique cryptographic key for each user
AES encryption (256 bit and above)
RSA encryption (2048 bit and above)
Single Sign-On Google ID, Facebook ID
Active Directory (with Security Gateway)
Key Management Tools for lost key recovery, endpoint revocation, user revocation
Supported Platforms Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Mac OS X
iOS 5 & above
Android ICS
Document-in-Storage Protection All file formats
Document-in-Transit Protection All file formats
Sharing Pre-defined sharing list
Owner notification and approval of file access requests
Privacy-by-Design User can choose to keep their key encrypted with Dropbox, Box or USB storage. In this mode, Cloak Apps will not be able to have access to your encryption key. The downside is that key recovery is not possible if you lose them.
Single Sign-On Active Directory
Data Messaging Messaging queue with application layer encryption
Data Encryption AES encryption (256 bit and above)
RSA encryption (2048 bit and above)
Multi-Factor Authentication Cloak Mobile Token application's One Time Password
Mobile Token Decouples enterprise login credentials from mobile application authentication
Audit / Tracking Audit trace for user activities and administration tasks
Reliability Features Cloud services are built upon Amazon Web Services
Enterprise Tools Full featured web-based administration console