Cloak Chat

Cloak Chat is a secure chat service with end-to-end message encryption on top of Google Cloud Messaging. It also includes read only image and pdf sharing, fine-grained access control and lost device revocation. More over, you can pre-define enterprise chat groups and users. Cloak Chat can also be easily integrated into your enterprise application and services.

Cloak Chat adds a 3rd party security layer onto Google Cloud Messaging platform, to give you the data safety you required.

Cloak Apps also offers Cloak Encrypt (file encryption), Cloak Box (secure Dropbox and Box share link) and Cloak Vault (file DRM). Award winning Cloak Apps have garnered hundreds of daily downloads.

Multi-layered Data Protection


Share read-only images and pdf files through Chat and prevent file redistribution.

Data Sanitization


Your messages is visible only to the shared groups and users.



Your messages is encrypted end-to-end between you and the recipients.



Cloak Chat users have full mobile device control. Stolen device's Chat access can be easily revoked.


  • Dynamic Distributed Key Management (DDKM)

    Key Generation, Distribution, Revocation and Recovery
  • Data Access Circuit Breaker (DACB)

    Fine-grained data access control
  • Enterprise Gateway

    Single-Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Specifications

    Chat Technical Specifications

What People Think

  • "Our rigorous verification process shows that Cloak Apps offers real enterprise-grade secure solutions. It is way more secure than common cloud services."

    Dr. Liu Yang CTO, Semantic Eng. Asst. Prof, NTU
  • "Cloak Apps offer a secure way to share sensitive intellectual property in my team using public key encryption. The best among file security applications."

    James Rappel CEO, Digital Surgicals
  • "If you take Cloak Apps away, we would have to go back to cumbersome FTP, VPN or insecure cloud storages. Cloak Apps is way more convenient to use."

    Dr. Li MoHuang CEO, CellSievo

Cloak Apps is trusted by IT security professionals from MNCs, Governments and SMBs. More than 40k professionals (and growing each day) have downloaded Cloak Apps to protect their most private and sensitive work files.

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Cloak Chat Pricing

Cloak Chat is free to download and use. For enterprise subscription, please email us or contact us for a no-obligation web conference or on-site demo.

Enterprise Subscription

From $39 /user /year.

  • Active Directory Single Sign-On
  • LDAP Single Sign-On
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Service Support
  • We also offer professional services to integrate Cloak Chat to your enterprise solutions

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