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Cloak Apps

Cloak Apps is a suite of enterprise security-as-a-services, designed to protect your files and data across Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS devices.

Compared to expensive enterprise solutions on limited platforms, which are also complex to deploy, operate and maintain, Cloak Apps is easy to subscribe, use and priced flexibly from $39 per user per year. Now everyone can cloak for a safer tomorrow.

Cloak Apps is built upon our Federated Data Sentry, to provide multi-platform dynamic distributed key management (DDKM) and Data Access Circuit Breaker (DACB). Award winning Cloak Apps have garnered hundreds of downloads daily.

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  • Easy to Deploy

    Empower your team with Cloak Apps in SaaS time
  • Flexible Pricing

    Pay only for what you used, the SaaS way
  • Multi-Platform Support

    Access your protected files on major platforms
  • Regulatory Compliance

    Achieve data security compliance quickly
  • Data Access Circuit Breaker (DACB)

    Fine-grained data access control
  • Enterprise Gateway

    Single-Sign-On and Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Endpoint Management

    Lost Device Revocation and DRM
  • Dynamic Distributed Key Management (DDKM)

    Key Generation, Distribution, Revocation and Recovery

Enterprise Document Protection Guide

Free Download! Our 6 page guide provides a quick guide on understanding document protection and how to use free software tools to protect your sensitive work files, and achieve regulatory compliance and peace of mind.

What People Think

Cloak Apps is trusted by IT security professionals from MNCs, Governments and SMBs. More than 40k professionals (and growing each day) have downloaded Cloak Apps to protect their most private and sensitive work information.

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  • "Our rigorous verification process shows that Cloak Apps offers real enterprise-grade secure solutions. It is way more secure than common cloud services."

    Dr. Liu Yang CTO, Semantic Eng. Asst. Prof, NTU
  • "Cloak Apps offer a secure way to share sensitive intellectual property in my team using public key encryption. The best among file security applications."

    James Rappel CEO, Digital Surgicals
  • "If you take Cloak Apps away, we would have to go back to cumbersome FTP, VPN or insecure cloud storages. Cloak Apps is way more convenient to use."

    Dr. Li MoHuang CEO, CellSievo


Find out how your company can benefit from Cloak Apps.

Insiders Threat

Cloak Apps enables all your employees to encrypt their important work files and secure them against insider's or hacker's threat.

Secure Mobility

Files protected by Cloak Apps are rendered inaccessible once the stolen device is locked by the user.

Digital Rights Management

Next generation data-room (Vault) shares highly sensitive files with read-only rights to priviledged users and prevents re-disribution.

Digital Signing

Vault provides digital signing of management meeting minutes to increase your company's efficiency.


Our Enterprise SaaS is easily deployed to entire Government agency so that Government files are secured immediately.

Professional Services

Cloak and Vault can be integrated into your enterprise solutions to secure your files transparently.


Please email us or contact us for an no obligation web conference or on-site demo.

Cloak Apps Subscription

From $39 /user /year

  • Cloak File, Cloak Box - From $39 /user /year
  • Cloak Vault - From $69 /user /year
  • Cloak Chat - From $39 /user /year
  • Service Support
  • Does not include licensing costs for add-on features.
  • Does not include application development costs.
  • + Active Directory Single Sign On - From $999 /year
  • + Multi-factor Authentication - From $999 /year

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